CSimpleWorks, PLLC - Family System Therapy
WA State Approved Supervisor
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist  WA # LF60522277
Licensed Mental Health Counselor  WA # LH60329296
Certification Special Education K-12 EMH
Bastyr University - Adjunct Faculty
Bastyr Clinic of Natural Health - Adjunct Clinical Faculty
King County Clinical Supervisor - PCAP
Welcome to CSimpleWorks, PLLC, a Family System focus of therapy.
I address many dynamics of an individual's experience in context with various relationships, believe a solution is always present & you are the key to identifying what will work for you, which can result in significant positive personal change for you and those you love.
Experienced Areas of Practice
School Consultations
Guidance Teams, Teachers, Administrators, Parents, Specialists, Students
Depression / Mood Disorders
Life Adjustments
Separation / Divorce, acculturation / new transplant to community, displacement, phase of life issues, i.e. pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, sexual dysfunction / disinterest
Death / Bereavement
Loss from death of a loved one; Loss of relationships
Disability / Trauma
Physical, emotional, cognitive, and/or psychological impact from becoming disabled via trauma or illness
Sexual Trauma
Survivor of stalking, molestation, rape, incest
Domestic Violence (DV)
Survivor support / cycle of violence awareness
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Survivor of traumatic event(s); interference w/daily living
Co-Occurring Disorders
(used to be called "dual diagnosis")
Mental Health  +  Substance use / abuse / dependence
Multiple Mental Health issues
Substance Addiction
For Clients in "recovery" or "active in their use/addiction":
Clients must be clean & sober during sessions.
Clients active in their addiction receive informational support to connect with chemical dependency treatment resources/programs (inpatient/outpatient).
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Although considered a medical condition, both ADD and ADHD are traditionally treated by a Physician w/prescriptive medication.  Holistic interventions  are well documented internationally and include lifestyle + diet + behaviors + collaborative communication w/a child's educators & other providers (including counseling / therapy). Integrating diverse approaches with a primary holistic perspective supports medical intervention effectively. I collaborate with you, your child, and your treating physician and expect to know what methods of intervention you incorporate for your child, especially medications (name of medication, dosing, and who the prescriber is). This is not intended to be intrusive, but rather a collaboration which will ultimately emphasize strengths of the child.
Although some prescribed medications for ADD/ADHD are in the amphetamine drug family (also known as speed), other drugs are also available that are not addicting and with a shorter shelf life in the body. All clients managing their ADD/ADHD pharmaceutically, should consult their prescriber with any concerns, questions, or preferences and are required to make this decision w/their physician.  Pursuing holistic approaches requires commitment to supportive treatment and can be time consuming requiring reflective & intentional routines, and remaining mindful of a child's influences & supports which can impact success with alternative strategies.  
Note:  I am neither a physician or a "prescriber" of pharmaceutical prescriptions (Rx).  You will be redirected to your physician or other legal prescriber for drug therapy although communicating that treatment to me is expected.
Pre-Arrange w/me:
In-Service Trainings
Administrators / Staff, Teachers, Parent Groups, Specialists
Seminars / Conferences
On-Site / In-School / Classroom Observations
Pre-K - 8th Grade, includes consultation w/Administrators, Teachers, Specialists, Parents
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