CSimpleWorks, PLLC - Family System Therapy

Methods of Payment Accepted

All major credit cards:               
  • Visa
American Express

Money Order


Fees effective July 1, 2015
$120 per 60-minute hour for Individual session
$130 per 60-minute hour for Couple session
$150 per 60-minute hour for Family session

$125 per 60-minute hour for Administrative Consultation
(Additional costs may be incurred regarding travel details)
$120 per 60-minute hour for Un-Related group member session
Topic-specific Trainings session
Fees are pre-negotiated for Topic-specific Trainings regarding classroom, seminar,
conference, in-service, school-or-parent groups, etc. 



I do not accept insurance and continue to provide you a "Super-Bill" upon request which you would submit to your insurance provider if you prefer to seek reimbursement.

A Super-Bill contains your name, address, dates of service, and codes for insurance documentation & processing for reimbursement. You will need to indicate on your Fee Agreement your intention regarding using insurance or not.  Your Fee Agreement is established in our first session.

Presently, my insurance status is: "out of network provider". This means you will need to first pay me in full, then submit your Super-Bill documentation to your insurance for reimbursement according to your insurance policy. 

NOTE: Sliding-Fee is available for existing clients whose financial situation negatively changes while already receiving therapy services with me. Shifting from Full-Fee to Sliding-Fee requires income documentation, a statement from you about your change of circumstances, and notification of the date your situation has changed. It is my commitment & ethical responsibility to ensure you may continue with your therapy despite economic challenges during that process. Contact me for further details.